Enterprise File Storage

Enterprise File Storage

Our Enterprise File Storage service provides a place for individuals, departments, and applications to have a network accessible file repository that is accessible by multiple users and/or multiple systems/clients simultaneously.  We offer both NFS and CIFS (SMB) file protocols to accommodate a wide variety of configurations.  The storage on which your files are stored is a highly available and fault tolerant to prevent data loss.  In addition, we offer optional backup and disaster recovery services for an additional fee to maximize your data protection.  Using centralized Enterprise File Storage provides a high-quality, secure, shared environment for a low cost.

This service is certified for data classified at levels 1 - 3 and PHI data.

Enterprise File Storage services:

  • Eliminate the need for departmentally owned server infrastructure.
  • Lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Provide resources that some departments may not be able to individually afford.
  • Decrease the redundancy of equipment on campus and more efficiently use resources.
  • Increase time and resources departmental IT professionals can devote to user support issues.
  • Decrease the number of points of failure.
  • Implement industry best practices.

The Division of IT also provides around-the-clock monitoring 365 days a year, a physically secure environment, timely hardware upgrades, backup services and backup power.

Enterprise File Storage provides a highly available, highly scalable data storage solution for Windows, Sambam and Linux (NFS) clients and supports file shares and directories at the lowest rate possible while maintaining security, adequate performance, high availability and optional data protection.

  • Enteprise File Storage can be purchased in 1GB increments.
  • Billing is based on assigned quota, not actual usage. See Pricing tab for the most current rates.

Enteprise File Storage is charged monthly at a rate of $0.04 per GB. A MoCode is required to obtain this service. Monthly billing is based on the highest quota assigned to the share within the previous calendar month.

In addition to file storage, we offer these options for an additional fee:

  • File backup with versioning, $0.04 per GB of quota per month
  • Off site replication for disaster recovery, $0.15 per GB of quota per month

Enterprise File Storage supports file share connections via CIFS (Windows/Samba) or NFS (Unix) protocols.

Enterprise File Storage supports file share connections via CIFS (Windows/Samba) or NFS (Unix) protocols.

To obtain Enteprise File Storage service, please contact CSG through the Server and Administration Services consultation request form.

For additional assistance, contact Tech Support at 573.882.5000.