Box FAQs

When will Box access end?

Box access will end on July 15, 2021. Microsoft OneDrive (included as a part of the Microsoft 365 suite) is the new standard for storing documents and files.

What is Box?

Box is a document storage and collaboration service that the Division of IT has approved for storing most types of information/data. It is an officially endorsed service that can be used as an alternative to Dropbox and other unapproved cloud-based services.

Who is eligible for a Box account?

  • All Columbia campus, Hospital, UM System employees, and MU students.
  • Mobius employees are not currently eligible.

What are the benefits of using Box?

  • Access to documents from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Offline access to documents via a Box Sync client (Windows and Mac OS only)
  • Built-in collaboration tools such as comments, version history, email notifications, and task management
  • Access to documents from mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Easy sharing of files and folders with collaborators outside the University of Missouri
  • Ability to manage permissions of folders and files, including revoking access
  • File transmission and storage encryption
  • Ability to use your university login ID and password to sign into Box

Can Box be used to replace departmental file shares?

Yes, Box can be used to replace departmental file shares. Your departmental IT Professional can request Box space (50 GB minimum) for use with departmental files. The Division of IT will consult with your department to set up the space and directory structure(s) required.

Can I sync my files to my desktop?

Yes, using Box Sync for Windows and Mac OS X. For more information, see Turning Box Sync on and off.

Can I interact with Box within Microsoft Office?

Yes, using Box for Office. Box for Office will add a feature group to the Office ribbon to access and save Office documents. For more information, see Getting Started with Box Office Apps.

Can I interact with Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, Box for Outlook enables attachment sharing and storage directly to a Box account. For more information, see Getting Started with Box Office Apps.

What applications are available for Box?

Box offers many applications that are written by Box and third party vendors. Not all Box applications are approved for use with the university’s data as they don’t meet the approved criteria.

The following Box applications are approved for use with university data:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Mobile Site
  • Box Capture
  • Box Drive
  • Box Edit
  • Box FTP Server
  • Box for Android
  • Box for Android Tablet
  • Box for BB10
  • Box for Blackberry (At this time, Division of IT does not support Blackberry, but has made the application available. For any support issues, please contact Box Support.)
  • Box Excel Online Previewer
  • Box for iPad
  • Box for iPhone
  • Box for Office
  • Box for Outlook
  • Box for Windows
  • Box for Windows 10
  • Box for Windows Phone
  • Box Notes Desktop
  • Box Sync for Mac, Windows
  • Canvas Integration
  • CloudHQ
  • Documents by Readdle
  • Documents to Go
  • Explain Everything
  • FX File Explorer (and FX Plus Plugin)
  • FileBrowser for iOS
  • Folder Templates
  • GoodNotes for iOS
  • NeatConnect
  • Notability
  • Noteshelf for iOS
  • PDF Expert for iPad
  • Rocketbook for iOS
  • Scanner Pro
  • Slack
  • Team Project Manager
  • Tiny PDF
  • Wrike – Tasks, Projects, Collaboration
  • Zapier
  • Zoom

How do I get Box Service?

For primary email addresses that end with one of the below suffixes:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Enter your Username and Password.
  4. Click Login.

In a few moments, your new Box account will be created!

How much does it cost?

  • Employees receive 50 GB accounts at no charge.
  • Students receive 50 GB accounts at no charge.
  • Departmental accounts receive 50 GB for $3.00/month.

What if I need additional storage?

  • Employees can go to to request additional individual storage. Login to the self-service portal with your University user id and password, select Service Catalog, and search for Cloud File Storage & Sharing. Additional storage is available in 10 GB increments for at the rate of $0.60/month.
  • Additional storage is not available for students.
  • IT Pros can go to to request additional shared storage for departmental accounts. Login to the self-service portal with your University user id and password, select Service Catalog, and search for Cloud File Storage & Sharing. Additional storage is available in 10 GB increments for $0.60/month.

What if I leave the university?

Employee accounts are managed according to the Division of IT’s account expiration process. Employees should move official university files and records to a record custodian before their last day of work.

Students can maintain all of their files by converting their account to a personal Box account.

Are my files stored securely on Box?

The Division of IT’s information security team has assessed the Box services to ensure it meets UM security standards.

What are Box terms of use for university employees and students?

This service has been approved by the university and may be used to store all classifications of data according to the university’s Data Classification System; however, USERS MUST OBTAIN PERMISSION FROM THEIR INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER BEFORE STORING ANY DATA CLASSIFIED AS DCL4.

By using this service, you agree to comply with all applicable university policies located on the UM System policy website.

You may only grant access to non-university users who have a legitimate need to access the data and are authorized to review the data pursuant to applicable university policies. You will give such non-university users appropriate instructions on their obligations to protect and keep the data confidential. You must revoke their permission immediately if they use the site in an inappropriate or unauthorized fashion or they no longer have a legitimate need to access the data. User permissions should be reviewed regularly and in no event less than annually to be sure that these requirements are met.

How often do Box terms of use need to be accepted?

Box terms of use must be acknowledged annually.

What do I need to share with my collaborators outside the university?

Non-university employees and students are required to accept the following terms:

You are being granted access to a service used by the University of Missouri. By accessing this site, you agree that you have a legitimate need to access the data; you will protect that data and keep it confidential; you will only use data accessed via this site as directed to do so by the person authorizing your access; and, you will promptly inform the person authorizing your access if you believe your credentials may have been used by an unauthorized individual or you no longer have a legitimate reason to access the site. You also agree to abide by the university’s Acceptable Use Policy.

What information must NOT be stored on Box?

Users must obtain permission from their Information Security Officer before storing any data classified as DCL4. Otherwise, Box Service may be used for all data.

May I store student data on Box?


Where can I get more information and support?

Contact Tech Support at 573.882.5000 or visit our KnowledgeBase.