The RCSS Team

Meet the Research Computing Support Services team:

Dr. Timothy Middelkoop

Dr. Timothy Middelkoop, Director of Research Computing Support ServicesDr. Middelkoop is the Director of Research Computing Support Services in the Division of Technology and an Assistant Teaching Professor in the department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. His research interests include cyberinfrastructure, large-scale (HPC) and multi-core scientific computing, computational optimization, clean energy optimization and control, energy management, integrated design systems, distributed sensor networks, and multi-agent systems. He has industry experience in designing web-based applications and embedded systems.

One of Tim’s favorite activities outside of work is mountain biking.

George Robb

George RobbAs a Systems Administrator and Team Lead, George helps the RCSS team keep the research cyberinfrastructure healthy, friction-free, and secure. An important part of his job is to help solve all aspects of cyberinfrastructure needs (and desires) for researchers, faculty, and staff. From implementing and advising on new technology, to helping secure existing environments, George is always happy to help.

George is a Boone County, Missouri native and has had a technology career with MU since 1998. When not working, he is never far from technology.

Micheal Quinn

Micheal Quinn

As a Systems Administrator, Quinn has helped to deploy many of the applications and processes used by his team that makes administration and user support a better experience for all involved. He continues to refine and improve the automation of day-to-day operations.

Quinn is a Missouri native and has been with the Division of IT since 2010. He has been passionate about technology ever since the first time he “crashed” a computer as a young boy. For those keeping score at home, it was a Tandy 1000.

Jacob Gotberg

Jacob Gotberg As a Cyberinfrastructure Engineer, Jacob helps identify, prioritize, and optimize the computational resources at MU to assist a wide variety of researchers in achieving their computational goals. An important part of his job is implementing Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Research and Educational Facilitation (ACI-REF) best practices. He will be traveling to conferences and training to help bring awareness and understanding of internal and external ACI resources to potential users of those resources.

Prior to coming to MU, Jacob was a Senior HPC Applications Analyst at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jacob’s wife teaches at the University of Missouri School of Law. The couple has four daughters who enjoy the Twin Lakes Recreation Area.

Susie Meloro

Susie MeloroAs a Business Technology Analyst, Susie plays a critical role in working closely with faculty and researchers to help identify needs and requirements for their research activities. She also helps them access cyberinfrastructure assets and services, including high-speed research networks and high-performance computing clusters. Another important part of her job is supporting the research computing infrastructure.

Susie comes to us from North Carolina, where she previously worked for Lenovo, most recently in HPC support for external clients.

In her free time, Susie hangs out with her husband and their dog. Their favorite past time is traveling to exotic scuba diving locations.