Secure4 Research Computing Environment

Secure4 Research Computing Environment

The Secure4 environment is a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster for researchers who need to store/use Data Classification Level 4 (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA) data and who also need sizeable disk space, considerable memory, large compute capabilities, or access to the more than 200 applications available in the environment.  

The Secure4 environment is modeled after a traditional HPC computing environment (cluster) with security enhancements and is comprised of three components, the “login” node for user interactions, the “head node” to control the cluster, and “compute nodes” to perform calculations. 

The security measures put into place include a remote audit log for all security events, a highly restrictive file permissions policy to prevent accidental exposure of data to other accounts in the system, encrypted storage system (drive encryption), and no user access to the head node that runs file, scheduler, and configuration services for the cluster.

For more details, review the Secure4 Research Computing Environment Security Plan

Pricing information coming soon.

Only projects with Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval are eligible to use the Secure4 environment. Principal Investigators (PIs) are the only individuals authorized to request access for members of their research team. 

Please read the Secure4 Research Computing Environment Security Plan before requesting an account.

PIs and their research team members must work with an IT Pro to secure their workstations and create the secure SSH key pair and passphrase necessary to access the Secure4 environment.

Accounts that have been granted access will need to renew their eligibility annually, including IRB approval.

PIs are responsible for quickly communicating changes in research team/account status to the MU Research Computing Support Services team.

All members of the research team who have access to the Secure4 environment must have received IRB and HIPPA training (at minimum), prior to using the Secure4 environment. It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure this training has been completed.

Please contact to schedule a consultation with Research Computing Support Services or to request one of the following activities:

  • Request a project
  • Request, modify, delete Secure4 accounts
  • Request VPN set-up information
  • Request data/project deletion

Go to and click on the Help icon. Login to the self-service portal with your University user id and password, and Search for Answers accordingly. For additional assistance, contact our Help Desk at 573-882-5000.