About Research Computing

Research Computing

The Research Computing Support Services (RCSS) group provides computing support, training, and consulting to the MU research community. Our staff works closely with researchers to help evaluate their research computation needs and recommend solutions that allow them to take full advantage of the resources available. RCSS also works to ensure that the campus’ computing, storage, and networking infrastructure meets the growing needs of the research community. To get in touch with the RCSS team please email rcss-support@missouri.edu


Dr. Timothy Middelkoop – Director of Research Computing Support Services

Dr. Timothy Middelkoop, Director of Research Computing Support Services

Dr. Middelkoop is the Director of Research Computing Support Services in the Division of Information Technology and an Assistant Teaching Professor in the department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. His research interests include cyberinfrastructure, large-scale (HPC) and multi-core scientific computing, computational optimization, clean energy optimization and control, energy management, integrated design systems, distributed sensor networks, and multi-agent systems. He has industry experience in designing web-based applications and embedded systems.

One of Tim’s favorite activities outside of work is mountain biking.





The RCSS Team

Michael Quinn – Systems Administrator

As a Systems Administrator, Quinn has helped to deploy many of the applications and processes used by his team that makes administration and user support a better experience for all involved. He continues to refine and improve the automation of day-to-day operations.

Quinn is a Missouri native and has been with the Division of IT since 2010. He has been passionate about technology ever since the first time he “crashed” a computer as a young boy. For those keeping score at home, it was a Tandy 1000.






Derek Howard – Systems Administrator

Derek Howard

As a Systems Administrator, Derek Howard is working on keeping our systems healthy and happy, in addition enabling new Interactive Computing technologies. He specializes in Python software development, and he is building tools to better understand our users’ needs.

Derek’s hobbies include photography, playing video games, and contributing to open source software.







Asif Ahamed – Cyberinfrastructure Engineer

Asif Ahamed

As a Cyberinfrastructure Engineer, Asif helps to assist a wide variety of researchers in achieving their computational goals. Asif has extensive experience in the private sector after spending nearly 8 years as an HPC application administrator in the automotive industry. Asif will be specifically supporting the school of Arts & Sciences in their HPC needs.

In his free time Asif enjoys playing sports and travelling to new cities.









Predrag Lazic – Cyberinfrastructure Engineer

Predrag Lazic

As a Cyberinfrastructure Engineer, Predrag helps to assist a wide variety or researchers. As an ex-scientist for 19 years Predrag has an extensive experience in computational physics, chemistry and materials science.
He also has experience in private sector where he founded a company based on a novel numerical algorithm – the Robin Hood method. In his free time Predrag explores the Midwest and develops computer games.






Brian Marxkors – Cyberinfrastructure Coordinator

Brian Marxkors

As a Cyberinfrastructure Coordinator, Brian works on helping get researchers access to resources and managing various team facing projects and initiatives.

Brian has previous experience in both the private and public sector as a Business Analyst. His hobbies include motorcycles, biking and hiking.