Register IT

Register IT

Register IT is a service that tracks databases, applications, and/or servers which are owned, developed, or utilized by University of Missouri departments. The Division of IT uses this information as a tool to identify applications, databases, and servers for security reviews.

Registering your servers, applications, and databases is a requirement of the University's data classification system and can assist the Division of IT in a number of ways. For instance, registrations are used to gather system and user information which is utilized to quickly contact the user if a security incident occurs.

What we register:

  • Server Registry Registration allows DoIT to track information about the server including who is responsible for it, where it resides, and the type of data that it stores. In addition, with each registration servers are automatically enrolled in the Enterprise Vulnerability Scanning (EVS) program. You may be contacted about additional DoIT services based upon the registration data you provide.
  • Application Registry The registry tracks applications that were developed within the University. It records the purpose of the application, who is responsible for it, and classifies the data that it uses.
  • Database Registry The registry tracks the purpose of the database, who is responsible for it, and classifies the data that it stores.

There are no fees associated with this service.

This service is provided for MU departments. Requests must be made by an IT Pro.

(For IT Pros only)

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