Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet Access

The Division of IT provides high-speed wireless network connection for use by faculty, staff, and students in education, research, and administration. The wireless network is accessible in most campus buildings.

The Division of IT provides wireless connections accessible from most campus buildings. 

The MU wireless network is for use by University faculty, staff, and students for education, research, and administration. Features include:

  • Authenticated network access using your MU ID (username) and password.
  • Secure information transmission via advanced encryption methods.
  • The ability to print to network printers without using VPN.

A guest network is also available for short-term use by university guests with a department sponsor.

Please note: Unauthorized access points (those not installed, maintained, and managed by the Division of IT) are prohibited by MU's business policy 5:085. This policy was implemented in order to facilitate a common, campus-wide standard for wireless networking that will be available to all legitimate users. When an unauthorized access point is identified, the owner will be asked to remove it from the network.

Note: In FY22 changes were made to the way some IT costs are distributed to the capus. We've added IT costs for some our services to the MU Allocation Model. As a result of the change, all expenses included in the FY22 MU allocation model are assigned to each entity based on their percentage of expenses to the total and then that amount is deducted from their annual General Revenue Allocation. For example, if the School of Music accounts for 10% of overall expenses, they will be assigned 10% of the IT expenses and the GRA allocation is reduced accordingly. This reduction is done BEFORE the allocation is transferred to the entity.

 **Please Note: Data Network monthly charges are included in the allocation model, but activation and installation charges still apply.

TigerWiFi, the MU wireless network, is available to all university faculty, staff, and students for daily use in their academic assignments and business pursuits.TigerWiFi uses industry leading technology and security in order to provide a highly available and reliable wireless network. Any device connecting to TigerWiFi is required to support WPA-2 security. (Many popular consumer products do not support this type of connection; see Help tab for details.)

The TigerWiFi-Guest network is designed and operated for the benefit of university guests and visiting scholars (with a department sponsor) who need short-term access to wireless. It is not designed to handle a large number of users or to provide high levels of availability. Long-term university guests should obtain a username in order to use the wireless network for the duration of their visit.

Once configured, your wireless device should automatically connect when TigerWiFi is in range. If it does not, you can select the wireless network from your list of available wireless networks. See Getting Started tab for more information.

There are multiple technology standards for wireless networking. The campus standard is 802.11g/n/ac.

There are multiple technology standards for wireless networking. The campus standard is 802.11g/n/ac.


See the KnowledgeBase for instructions on configuring TigerWiFi on your computer, phone, or tablet. Or visit the walk-up service desk on the lower level of The Mizzou Store for personal assistance.

Short-term Guests:

The Guest network is available for short-term use by university guests with a department sponsor. A WPA2-PSK key is required to connect to this network. Please contact the sponsoring department's IT Pro to obtain the WPA2-PSK key. The key is changed regularly.

Long-term Guests:

Long-term university guests should obtain a username in order to use the wireless network for the duration of their visit. Contact the sponsoring department's IT Pro to request a 30-day guest username for non-university-affiliated persons.

Go to doitservices.missouri.edu and click on the Help icon. Login to the self-service portal with your University user id and password, and Search for Answers accordingly. For additional assistance, contact our Help Desk at 573-882-5000.

Additional Information

Wireless Service Coverage Model For Greek Houses

  1. The wireless coverage level is provided as funded by the requestor.
  2. The Division of IT does not have control over the wireless frequencies for off-campus locations and cannot resolve frequency conflicts caused by other wireless networks or devices that use the same unlicensed frequencies in surrounding buildings, including but not limited to microwave ovens and some cordless phones.
  3. Unauthorized wireless devices, routers, switches and/or hubs cannot be connected to MU's wired or wireless networks.
  4. Subscribing Greek houses that do not choose to follow the policies required by the Division of IT are subject to having the service removed. Alternate wireless solutions, if utilized, cannot connect to the MU network and must have a completely separate Internet connection.

If you have questions about wireless connectivity, request a consultation with Division of IT staff and choose the "Wireless LAN for Greek Houses" option.