Adobe Acrobat Sign

Last updated 9/26/23.

The UM System Enterprise electronic signature (e-signature) service is changing from DocuSign to Adobe Acrobat Sign. This will reduce e-signature costs for UM System departments and users.


  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Completed Events
  3. Training
  4. Definitions
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Upcoming Events

Phase 2 MU Healthcare Workforce Member migration (Includes SOM, SON, SOHS and other clinics associated with MUHC)

  1. 9/13/23 – Create Adobe Acrobat Sign Accounts for MU Healthcare Workforce Members with Current DocuSign Accounts
    1. First time login instructions will be sent to these users.
    2. Please review the Training and FAQ sections of this site as they provide an excellent starting point for your Adobe Sign journey.
    3. Current DocuSign senders will have dual use of Adobe Sign and DocuSign until 10/12/23. On 10/12/23, you will no longer be able to send documents from DocuSign.
    4. Please test your business processes in Adobe Acrobat Sign so that everything is ready by the 10/12/23 cutover.
    5. If you still have questions after going through the FAQ and Training sections, please email the Enterprise Workflow Applications team at
  2. 9/21/23, 10:30–11:30 – Adobe Professional Services conducted a live training session of Adobe Sign Fundamentals. Users may review a recording of this training sessions and Adobe Acrobat Sign guides in the Training section below.
  3. Week of 9/25/23 – Advanced training: Templates and Workflows; DocuSign templates will be migrated to the corresponding Adobe Sign accounts.
    1. 9/26/23 11:30–12:30 – Adobe Professional Services will provide a live training session of Adobe Sign Templates and Workflows. A recording of the session will be made available to those who cannot attend. Users may also review the previous training sessions and Adobe Acrobat Sign guides in the Training section below.
    2. 9/28/23 – DocuSign template migration will be complete. Users should begin testing their migrated templates to make sure they work as expected.
  4. 9/28/23–10/11/23 – User Acceptance Testing (UAT) All users continue using Adobe Sign to finish testing all of your e-signature business processes.
  5. On 10/12/23 – DocuSign accounts will be set to View Only.
    1. You will still be able to log into DocuSign and check the status of documents awaiting signature. However, you will not be able to send new DocuSign documents.
    2. Use Adobe Sign for e-signatures going forward.

Phase 3 Decommission DocuSign:

Fall 2023 – Our contract with DocuSign will end and UM System Enterprise DocuSign web application will be decommissioned.

Completed Events

Phase 1 Non-MU Healthcare Workforce Member migration

Completed April, 2023. Phase 1 user accounts were migrated to Adobe Sign and set to View-Only in DocuSign.


Adobe Acrobat Sign Guides and Adobe Acrobat Sign Training Recordings:

  1. Adobe Guides: Getting Started with Adobe Sign
  2. Live Training Session 1: Acrobat Sign Fundamentals
  3. Live Training Session 2: Acrobat Sign Fundamentals (similar to Session 1)
  4. Live Training Session 3: Advanced: Webforms and Workflows
  5. Live Training Session 4: Acrobat Sign Fundamentals


Electronic Signature that is legally admissible in court and can be used to enforce contracts. They include signature tracking and are configured to comply with many regulations.
e-signature sender
Prepares documents in the e-signature system and sends them out to collect signatures.
e-signature signer
Receives a notification that they need to sign an e-signature document.
MU Healthcare Workforce Member
Includes SOM, SON, SOHS and other clinics associated with MUHC.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost per Adobe Sign transaction?
    The cost will be $3/transaction this year.
  2. If I have a DocuSign account, will I automatically be transitioned to Adobe Sign?
    All active user accounts will be transitioned in either Phase 1 Non-HIPAA staff or Phase 2 HIPAA staff.
  3. If I only sign documents, will I need to sign up for an Adobe Sign account?
    NO.  Only users who send out documents to collect signatures are required to have an account.
  4. If I don’t have a DocuSign account but want to start using Adobe Acrobat Sign, how do I sign up?
    We will add new e-signature user sign up details at a later date.

      1. Browse to
      2. Under MU, select Division of IT.
      3. Select Log In to the DoIT Service Portal and log in.
      4. Select the blue Request Services box.
      5. In the search window with the blue spyglass, type in either Adobe Sign.
      6. Select Request Adobe Sign Access, fill it out and submit.
  5. Is Adobe Acrobat Sign approved for MU Healthcare Workforce Members (includes, SOM, SON, SOHS, and other clinics associated with MUHC)?
    1. Use of Adobe Acrobat Sign not involving patients or patient information: Use of Adobe Sign is approved for MU Healthcare Workforce Members where patients or patient information is not involved. If at any time you need to email documents for signature to patients or involving patient information, you will need to submit a Cherwell Adobe Sign ticket or contact MUHC Information Security prior to uploading or entering patient information (including, but not limited to, email addresses and names) in Adobe Sign to convert your account.
    2. Use of Adobe Acrobat Sign involving patients or patient information: While Adobe Sign is approved within UM System for use with patients or containing patient information, Adobe Sign is not approved for MU Healthcare Workforce Members at this time.  We are working to establish an acceptable use standard for Adobe Sign which outlines requirements and procedures. We anticipate having the standard published the end of November 2023.Per HIPAA, protected health information (PHI) is patient information consists of individually identifiable health information that relates to the past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition of an individual, the provision of health care to an individual, or payment for the provision of health care to an individual. Per MUHC policies, consent may be required prior to emailing patients.
    3. For questions, contact:
  6. Can I get a preview of what it will be like to use Adobe Acrobat Sign?
    YES.  Adobe Acrobat Sign has similar features to DocuSign.  Here is an Adobe Acrobat Sign getting started page:
  7. If I have an Adobe Creative Cloud License, can I automatically use Adobe Sign?
    NO.  Adobe Acrobat Sign is a separate license. You will need to fill out a Cherwell request as described in FAQ item 4.
  8. Do I need Adobe Acrobat Pro/Adobe Creative Cloud license to send documents using Adobe Acrobat Sign?
    NO.  You only need an Adobe Acrobat Sign account which allows you to complete your e-signature work with the Adobe Acrobat Sign website. See FAQ item 4 for details on how to sign up for an Adobe Sign sender account.
  9. Will we lose access to documents sent through DocuSign?
    EVENTUALLY YES, when DocuSign is decommissioned in Fall 2023.  Until that time, you will maintain view-only access to documents in DocuSign.  This will allow you to manually download any documents you need to retain.
  10. I have a large number of documents sent out for signature that I need to download from DocuSign.  Can someone assist me with that?
    YES.  If you have more than 50 documents to download, please contact the Enterprise Workflow Applications team at
  11. Will I need to test all my templates and forms?
    YES.  Once they’re migrated, you are responsible for verifying that they are properly migrated.  You will need to test and validate the migrated items to make sure they meet your expectations.
  12. What if a DocuSign form or envelope has not been completed by the time my account transitions to Adobe Acrobat Sign?
    You will retain view-only access in DocuSign which allows you to check envelope completion.
  13. What Data Classification Level (DCL) is Adobe Sign?
    Adobe Sign meets Data Classification 3 requirements found here:

    1. Please contact your campus Information Security Officer if you have an Adobe Acrobat Sign use case that falls under DCL4.
  14. Whom may I contact with additional questions about Adobe Acrobat Sign?
    YES. Please email the Enterprise Workflow Applications team at with the subject line that includes Adobe Acrobat Sign Question.