TigerCard Manager

TigerCard Manager

Manage your accounts through TigerCard Manager! Add money, view your activity or deactivate a lost or stolen TigerCard. You can even have guests make deposits to your account!


TigerCard Manager gives you online access to manage your TigerCard accounts. Check recent activity, add funds to your Campus Dining E.Z. Charge or deactivate a lost or stolen TigerCard.

Students, faculty and staff are automatically granted privileges based on your role. For example, all 75% FTE faculty and staff automatically have Pharmacy charge privileges, all residence hall students have laundry privileges.

There are no fees associated with this service.

  • MU Students, faculty and staff
  • MU Health Care staff
  • UM System staff
  • MOREnet staff


Log into TigerCard Manager to review your privileges, monitor your accounts or deactivate a lost or stolen ID card.

For additional assistance, contact Tech Support at 573.882.5000.

Additional Information

Immediately report a lost or stolen ID card through TigerCard Manager. If you find your ID before a new ID is made, go to TigerCard Manager to reactivate your card. Sorry, once a new card has been made, you cannot reactivate an old card.