Email Encryption

Email Encryption

Data loss prevention (DLP) is technology designed to help protect sensitive information from being accessed or viewed by individuals or entities. Faculty, staff and students across the UM System come in contact with data that must comply with PCI, HIPAA and FERPA standards to ensure it is kept as secure as possible. Examples of these data include:

  •   Social Security Numbers
  •   Protected Health Information (PHI)
  •   Credit Card/Banking Information
  •   Other Personally Identifiable Information

This type of information should not be sent via email unless absolutely necessary.

Protect sensitive University data when you need to email it off campus. For example, when sending messages to external recipients that contain:

  •  protected health/patient information (HIPAA) or protected student information (FERPA)
  •  confidential, sensitive or restricted information
  •  Credit Card/Banking Information
  •  Other Personally Identifiable Information

 Email Encryption can be used when other secure transmission methods are not feasible or practical.

There is no charge for the Email Encryption service. Email accounts on the UMHS-USERS domain are already enabled for this service.



  • MU
    • faculty
    • staff
  • UM System
    • staff
  • University Extension
    • faculty
    • staff

All Email account types are already eligible to use Email Encryption, including resource mailboxes. Since all accounts are eligible to use encryption, emails can be drafted as normal, including the use of attachments if desired.

For more information, visit UM System Data Loss Prevention.

For Windows

Emails can be manually encrypted via the "Encrypt" button when you are composing an email. Select "Options" at the top and choose "Encrypt". The email will have a message that will let you know it is being encrypted. "Encrypt-Only - This message is encrypted. Recipients can't remove encryption."

For older versions of MAC

When composing a new email, select "Options" at the top left. Select "Encrypt" to keep your information secure.

For newer versions of MAC

The newer version appears to not have the "Encrypt" button by default so it will need to be added. When composing a new email select the ellipsis ("...") and then "Customize Toolbar". Several options will appear. To add the "Encryption" button, you will drag and drop the word "Encryption" to the toolbar at the top. When you go back to the email composition you will see "Encryption" at the top now. Select which encryption you would like. The recommended encryption options are "Encrypt-Only" and "Do Not Forward". 

Go to and click on the Help icon. Login to the self-service portal with your University user id and password, and Search for Answers accordingly. For additional assistance, contact our Help Desk at 573-882-5000.

Additional Information

  • Email Encryption cannot be used on messages sent from one University email account to another.  
  • Encryption is only enabled when messages are sent to external recipients (Outside of the University System).
  • All Email account types are already eligible to use Email Encryption, including resource mailboxes

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