E-Commerce Fees

QuikPay Fees

QuikPAY fees 1 Cost(s)
1 All QuikPAY fees are invoiced monthly from Nelnet Business Solutions and are allocated to each department.
Server and application setup (one-time fee) $1,500
Server hosting fee (per application) $50/month
Charge for credit card $0.25/transaction
Charge for e-checks $0.13/transaction

Bank & Gateway Fees

Bank & gateway fees 2 Cost(s)
2 Bank fees are calculated monthly. Bank fees are automatically charged to the department MoCode/Account by the campus or Hospital Accounting Services department.
3 The interchange rate is a per-transaction cost. Interchange fees are fees that the credit card issuing bank charges when a merchant accepts a certain type of MasterCard or Visa card. These fees can vary depending on the type of card accepted. Interchange fees can add 0.20% – 0.30% to each MasterCard/Visa transaction, whereas some cards have little or no interchange fees.
New merchant ID (one-time fee) $25
Merchant ID $5/month
Internet service fee $20/month
Interchange rates 3 MasterCard: See the MasterCard Interchange Rates
Visa: See the Visa Interchange Rates
Discover: See the Discover Interchange Rates
American Express: 2.30%
Authorization fee MasterCard/Visa: $0.17/transaction
Discover: $0.11/transaction
American Express: $0.11/transaction
Network Acquirer Processing Fee Mastercard: $0.0185/transaction
Visa: $0.0195/transaction

ISAM Security Fees

ISAM security fees Cost(s)
Initial e-commerce application audit $75/hour (average 8-10 hours for QuikPAY applications; 15-20 hours for vended applications)
Annual reaudit of existing e-commerce application $75/hour (average 4-5 hours for QuikPAY applications; 10-15 hours for vended applications)