VoIP Phone Equipment

The Division of IT offers the following VoIP equipment. Monthly lease rates include repair services and equipment replacement as needed.


Polycom SoundPoint 335

Monthly lease: $3

Item Code: VOIP335


Polycom SoundPoint 560

Monthly lease: $5

Item Code: VOIP560


Polycom SoundPoint 670

Monthly lease: $7

Item Code: VOIP670


Polycom SoundPoint Color Expansion Module

Monthly lease: $4

Item Code: VOIPEMC


Polycom SoundStation 6000

Monthly lease: $11

Item Code: VOIP6000


Polycom SoundStation 7000

Monthly lease: $16

Item Code: VOIP7000


Most of the phone models listed above offer a headset port for connecting compatible headsets. If you require the ability to pair a Bluetooth headset with your phone, contact Tech Support at 573.882.5000.

The Division of IT does not sell or lease headset equipment. Departments may purchase their own compatible headsets. Limited headset support is available through the Division of IT.

Soft Clients

The Division of IT is currently evaluating various soft client options. Soft clients are software that enable you to place and receive calls from your computer without requiring a physical phone. Soft clients require a microphone and speakers (or a headset) connected to your computer.