TelePresence videoconferencing technology allows remote attendees the experience of being in a physical conference room. Using three 65″ high-definition screens, CD-quality audio, pre-positioned camera and microphones as well as physical layout (furniture, lighting and acoustics) you might just forget that you’re miles away from the attendees across the virtual table. Each University of Missouri campus has at least one TelePresence facility. This article outlines the use of the facility in 106A Ellis Library.

The Ellis Library TelePresence site is subject to Ellis Library food and drink policies.


There is no charge for use of the facility or technician time during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). After-hours, the technician rate is $90 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

Remember that audio conferencing charges may apply if you are connecting non-videoconference users.


Reserve the TelePresence conference as part of your meeting invite (you must include two TelePresence sites to establish a meeting). Each facility is listed under “TelePresence” in the Global Address List. You will be able to check room availability in the calendar invitation just like any other attendee or resource.

If you need to schedule a TelePresence conference with a room outside the University of Missouri system, follow the instruction on the MOREnet TelePresence scheduling page.

TelePresence facilities cannot be scheduled for course delivery.


For detailed instructions, refer to the Quickstart User Guide. Hard copies of the guide are available in the Ellis Library TelePresence site. If you need additional assistance, contact the MOREnet Help Desk at 573.884.6986.

If your conference must begin or end outside of library hours, contact Ellis Library Security at 573.882.4220 at least five business days in advance to make arrangements for the library to open.

If you want on-site technical assistance during your conference, contact MOREnet Video Support at least five days in advance.