SharePoint Online FAQ

The following are frequently asked questions about the SharePoint Online migration. We will add more as the project progresses.

1. What is SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online is the cloud-based version of SharePoint.

2. What is “The Cloud”?

The cloud is a generic term for a software service hosted on hardware owned by a service provider. In the case of SharePoint Online, Microsoft offers it under the brand name Office 365 (O365). Currently, we use SharePoint 2010 software hosted on our own hardware.

3. When will we migrate to SharePoint Online?

We expect the migration to occur later this year. We are working on the project plan now to firm up a date.

4. How do we prepare for the migration?

See the current migration checklist. (This will be updated as the project progresses.)

5. How long will we be able to access our current SharePoint 2010 site collection?

Once we have finalized the project plan, we will provide a timeline for migration and availability.

6. Is there training available?

Yes. The Division of Information Technology’s Training team will offer several new feature orientation sessions as we near the migration date. They will also provide a SharePoint Online feature job aid.

UM System’s MyLearn will also offer several courses:

Office 365 Services: SharePoint Online Site Collections (2-hour, 7-minute course)

  • SharePoint Online (1-hour course)
  • SharePoint 2016: Migrating On-Premises to SP Online (4-minute video)
  • Enabling Office 365 Services: Creating Document Libraries in SP Online

If you are a Boone County taxpayer, you can also take advantage of Daniel Boone Regional Library’s subscription to at no charge. You will need a library card for access.

7. Will SharePoint Online provide versioning?

Yes, SharePoint Online has versioning features available.

8. If a site collection is using workflows, content types, specialized development, will any of this be available once our site is migrated?

If you have customized your site using SharePoint Designer or other development tools, contact Lisa Elliott at to set up a consultation. You will need to test these before migration.

9. Is there a charge for SharePoint Online?

Yes. We plan to re-evaluate the rate as part of the project.

10. Who will be able to purchase SharePoint Online service?

The following may purchase SharePoint Online service:

  • MU departments
  • MU Health Care departments
  • UMKC departments
  • Missouri S&T departments
  • UMSL departments
  • UM System departments
  • University Extension departments

As the project progresses, we will add more FAQs.

April 12, 2017