Division of IT Billing Discrepancies

In FY22, changes were made to the way some IT costs are distributed to the campus.  We’ve added IT costs for some of our services to the MU Allocation Model.  As a result of the change, all expenses included in the FY22 MU allocation model are assigned to each entity based on their percentage of expenses to the total and then that amount is deducted from their  annual General Revenue Allocation.

For example, If the School of Music accounts for 10 % of overall expenses, they will be assigned 10% of the IT expenses and their GRA allocation is reduced accordingly. This reduction is done BEFORE the allocation is transferred to the entity.

In FY21, most of these services were previously funded via DoIT’s General Revenue Allocation. There were also a couple services that were previously billed as a fee-for-service such as Data Ports, Cherwell and Tier 1 Distributed Support.

The following services are now included in the MU Allocation Model and are NOT billed monthly:

  • Email
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Security & Account Management
  • Help Desk
  • Adaptive Computing Technologies
  • Faculty/Staff Initial ID Card
  • Applications Development & Support
  • Administrative Overhead
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Data Center
  • Cherwell
  • Tier 1 Distributed IT Support
  • Wired and Wireless Data Network**

**Please Note:  Data Network monthly charges are included in the allocation model but activation and installation charges still apply.

Departments should review their Division of IT billing via PeopleSoft on a monthly basis and report any billing discrepancies to Tech Support at 573.882.5000. The Division of IT will:

  • Issue credits for equipment and services for up to three previous billing cycles.
  • Not issue credits for discrepancies crossing fiscal years, even if the request is within the previous three billing cycles.
  • Issue credits for missing equipment charges for up to three previous billing cycles if the equipment is found and returned.

For additional information on policies governing information technology and telecommunications services, consult the MU Business Policy & Procedure Manual.