Centrally Scheduled Classroom Network Connectivity Policy

The Division of Information Technology provides network connectivity in centrally-scheduled classrooms and auditoriums as follows:

  • Those with a capacity of 100 or more are eligible for up to two active network connections.
  • Classrooms with a capacity of fewer than 100 are eligible for one active network connection.

Additionally, centrally scheduled computer classrooms with a capacity of 10 or more computers are eligible for network connectivity funding. Contact the Registrar to obtain a listing of centrally-scheduled classrooms and auditoriums as well as computer classrooms.

You may request additional connections for special events through doitservices.missouri.edu. Login to the self-service portal with your University user id and password, select Service Catalog, and search for Data Ports. Additional connections will incur port activation charges, wiring charges, and monthly port fees. An alternative to wired ports is Mizzou Wireless.