RCSS Winter break hours / support update.

Dec. 21, 2017 — RCSS Users, Given that the campus is closed over the break we will have reduced support during this time.  We will monitor support and the cluster over break but may not respond to your emails until we return on January 2nd. As you may have noticed we have successfully moved to a ticketing system.  This…

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HPC storage equipment

Nov. 20, 2017 — The last of the HPC storage equipment arrived last week while some of our team was at SuperComputing17. As indicated earlier, there will be a complete outage on Tuesday December 5th to install the new HPC storage system (zLustre) and to upgrade and patch the cluster.  We will be upgrading the job scheduler (SLURM) so there is a…

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Zoom is here!

Nov. 20, 2017 — While Zoom won’t decrease your travel time to St. Louis, it will speed up your online meetings with one touch start or join.  Zoom is our new, easy to use audio and web conferencing tool that offers screen sharing, group messaging, accessibility features, and access from mobile devices.  Zoom is replacing Intercall, so now is…

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myHR Changes on December 19

Nov. 20, 2017 — Everyone has received phishing attempts from hackers trying to obtain your personal information.  In order to better protect you and your sensitive data, we are implementing two-factor authentication for myHR starting Dec. 19, 2017.  What does this mean for you?  When you login to myHR, you will need to provide additional verification of your identity…

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Lewis Storage Performance Update

Oct. 18, 2017 — Great news, we have ordered a new storage system and parts are arriving as we speak! If all goes well we should have an outage at the end of November to switch over to the new system. The move will be transparent and we will move everyone's /home, /data, and /group files to the new system.

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Research Computing Summer 2017 Update

Sept. 27, 2017 — Research Computing Support Services continues to expand grow.  In August researchers did 2,932,217 core-hours of computation on the Lewis cluster up from 592,358 core-hours a year before. In April we added five new nodes and integrated the remainder of the existing NSF MRI Research Cluster  grant (NSF Award 1429294) into the Lewis cluster.  This grant is ending after 3…

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Software Carpentry Workshop

Sept. 21, 2017 — We are excited to announce that we are holding a Software Carpentry Workshop on campus November 7th & 8th from 8am – 4:30pm both days. The focus of the workshop is Automating tasks with the Unix Shell, Programming with R, and Version control with Git. To learn more about the lessons, adding the workshop to your calendar, location, the schedule, and how to signup please see the workshop webpage. Space is limited and we ask that if you signup and need to cancel to please let us know as far ahead of time as possible so we can notify those on the waiting list.

“Software Carpentry is an organization that aims to help researchers get their work done in less time and with less pain by teaching them basic research computing skills.” To learn more about Software Carpentry please visit their website.

If you have any questions or would like to signup please email me at meloros@missouri.edu.

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Cyberinfrastructure Engineer Position at the University of Missouri

Sept. 6, 2017 — The University of Missouri is searching for a Cyberinfrastructure Engineer to fill a new position that will work closely with researchers to help them evaluate their research computation needs and to recommend solutions that allow them to take full advantage of the resources available. Mizzou’s cyberinfrastructure (CI) engineers develop scientific workflows to advance research in all areas, including bioinformatics, machine learning, material science, and computational chemistry. As a cyberinfrastructure engineer, you will work on a broad range of projects across campus with opportunities to specialize in a number of domain areas.

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Status of IT Services

Aug. 30, 2017 — When an IT Service experiences issues such as working slow, unsuccessful login, an outage, or maintenance; users can quickly go to status.missouri.edu to see if we are reporting issues. You can easily see what services are operational by the green check marks. If the service is having issues or under maintenance, you will see yellow, red, or a maintenance tool icon. You can click on the Subscribe To Updates button to receive email, text messages, or both. There are options as to what services want to be notified about or select all of them. For questions or assistance please call Tech Support at 573- 882-5000.

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Research Computing Support Services Training

Aug. 28, 2017 — For the fall semester, we will be holding training sessions at Ellis Library room 4D11. The New User training will be at this location from 10:0am – 11:00 am followed by Lewis training from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. New User training covers the basics of getting an account to running simple jobs on Lewis.…

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