Division of IT: Security

Full Disk Encryption

Full Disk Encryption is a feature that helps protect data by encrypting a laptop or desktop computer's entire hard drive. This feature helps provide assurance that in the event of a lost or stolen PC unauthorized access to the data is minimized.

The University recommends the use of centrally managed Microsoft BitLocker Administration Monitoring (MBAM) for any systems running Windows 7 or 8. For Mac OS, we recommend using FileVault (please work with your IT Pro to store the recovery key).

Note: If your system contains highly restricted information such as e-commerce data, protected health information (PHI), biometric data, or national security interest (NSI) data then full disk encryption is required. For all other data types full disk encryption is strongly recommended.

Availability and Fees

Full disk encryption service is available to UM and MU faculty, staff, and students with a department's approval.

Microsoft BitLocker: This service is available at no charge for University equipment. It must be supported by a departmental IT Pro.

Obtaining Service

Microsoft BitLocker: Authorized Departmental IT Pros should visit the MBAM folder on the IT Pros share for further installation instructions.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your departmental IT Pro or the IT Help Desk at (573)882-5000.

Note: University of Missouri Hospital & Clinics staff should contact the Cerner Help Desk at (573)884-HELP (884-4357) to obtain this service from the Tiger Institute.