Division of IT: Networking

Wireless Network Service

Wireless network service provides flexible and mobile access to a variety of IT resources and the Internet.

There are several different standards for wireless technology. The campus standard is 802.11g, but 802.11b NICs are also supported.

Unauthorized APs are prohibited by MU's business policy 5:085. If unauthorized APs are identified (usually by their interference with other services), the owners will be asked to remove them from the network.


The MizzouWireless network is for use by University faculty, staff, and students. MizzouWireless includes several useful features:

  • Authenticated network access using your PawPrint (username) and password.
  • Secure information transmission via advanced encryption methods.
  • The ability to print to network printers without using VPN.


First-time wireless users should connect to the StartHere-MizzouWireless network for the initial configuration required for accessing the preferred wireless network, MizzouWireless. Upon joining the StartHere-MizzouWireless network and launching a web browser, you will be redirected to a configuration wizard, which will walk you through the process of connecting your device to MizzouWireless.

Once configured, your wireless device should automatically connect when MizzouWireless is in range. If it doesn't, you can select MizzouWireless from your list of available wireless networks.

If your wireless connection is unsuccessful using StartHere-MizzouWireless or your operating system is not supported, visit the KnowledgeBase for instructions on how to configure MizzouWireless on your computer.


The MizzouWireless-Guest network is available for short-term use by University guests with a department sponsor. A WEP key is required to connect to this network. Please contact the sponsoring department's IT Pro to obtain the WEP key. The key is changed regularly.

The MizzouWireless-Guest network is intended for short-term use only. Long-term university guests should obtain a single sign-on ID (username) in order to use the MizzouWireless network for the duration of their visit. Contact the sponsoring department's IT Pro to request a 30-day guest username for non-University-affiliated persons.

The MizzouWireless-Guest network has limited shared bandwidth with no service guarantee.


The wireless network is available in many MU campus locations. Check our coverage map or list for specific details.