Division of IT: Network Services

Departmental Firewall Service

The Division of IT manages multiple firewalls between the campus networks and Internet1/Internet2. Computers and other systems on campus cannot be seen or scanned from the Internet. The departmental firewall service, deployed within individual campus buildings, is primarily intended for departments directly affected by data security and privacy requirements set forth in federal, state and local regulations. These services can also, of course, be utilized any time a department wants to improve the security of their computing environment within a given building.

With the deployment of a departmental firewall, the Division of IT can offer departments greater flexibility by segregating a local network into multiple zones of varying security levels. Consultations are required prior to departmental firewall implementations. Departmental firewall service includes the following benefits:

  • Additional protection from the campus network through segregation of specific computers.
  • Complete customization to meet your specific security needs.
  • 24x7x365 support model — the Division will work with a department's IT Pro after hours.
  • Ongoing upgrades to firewall hardware and software.
  • Division staff stays current with the latest security threats and exploits and thus are able to assist and advise departments to ensure their systems are secure.


DNPS currently deploys Juniper NetScreen and Juniper SRX firewalls. Specific models and capabilities are dependent upon need, but all firewalls offer the ability to protect multiple "zones" from each other and the outside world while still providing a minimum of 100 MB of throughput. Gigabit-capable firewalls are available, though they are significantly more expensive. All available models can be deployed at remote branch offices in "VPN mode" to make the remote location appear to part of the main campus. No software is necessary; the site becomes just another campus office.


Please use the network consulting request form to request pricing for departmental firewall service.


The Division's trained network security experts can help identify a firewall product and design suitable for your departmental security requirements. We can provide firewall consultation and network security assessments at no additional cost. Please complete the network consulting request form to request a consultation. Note that a firewall implementation is only one component of network protection and should not be considered a complete security solution! Please visit the Division of IT's Information Security pages for more information.

Technical Support

There are a number of factors that could affect the proper functioning of a building network. If you are experiencing network problems, please consult your IT Pro, who has access to technical experts within the Division. If your IT Pro is unavailable, please contact the IT Help Desk at (573)882-5000.