Division of IT: ID Cards

Student Mizzou TigerCard

Mizzou Tiger Card

ID Card Office

Fax (573)882-5116
MU Student Center
(inside The Mizzou Store)
911 E. Rollins St.
Columbia, MO 65211


Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
(closed on weekends and all University holidays)

MU students receive their first Mizzou TigerCard at no charge. You may obtain your TigerCard when you meet the following criteria:

  • You are enrolled, with courses appearing in myZou.
  • The "Student Activity Ugr" or "Student Activity Grad/Prof" has been billed, appearing under the "Finances" tab in myZou.
  • We are within 33 days of the start of the semester for which you are enrolled.

Be prepared to provide your student number and a U.S. government-issued photo ID card, such as a driver's license, military ID, passport, state ID, etc. Paper copies will not suffice. If you do not have the required identification you may purchase a Missouri State ID at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Be sure to visit the Licensing Checklist page for documents you will need to provide.

To ensure campus safety, it is against policy for us to issue cards unless you present one of these forms of identification. The ID Card Office is located in the basement of The Mizzou Store, in the Student Center.

Using any ID card other than your own is fraud. Any ID card used by a non-owner will be confiscated immediately and offenders will be prosecuted.

How to Find Your Student Number in MyZou

  1. Login to myZou
  2. Click Self Service
  3. Click Campus Personal Information
  4. Click Demographic Information
  5. Your student number will be the number labeled as ID

Additional Information

New Card Problems

If you have obtained a new card or had your current card re-encoded, you won't be able to use it to open a residence hall exterior door or make Mizzou Store purchases until the next morning. If your card stops working, call the ID Office at (573)882-1871 or submit a new TigerCard problem report form. We'll work with Residential Life to restore access privileges.

Lost or Damaged Card Replacement

Should your ID card become unusable or broken due to normal wear and tear, bring it to the ID Office and we'll replace it at no charge. "Normal wear and tear" is determined by ID Office staff. Protect that magstripe! Scratches will render it useless and the replacement card will cost $15.

If you lose your ID card, we'll replace it and charge $15 to your student account. Because of the privileges associated with an MU ID, it is imperative that you SUSPEND YOUR CARD immediately by logging into eCard.missouri.edu and clicking on the "Suspend Card" tab, or calling (573)882-1871 and speaking to an ID Card Office staff member. To suspend your student charge at The Mizzou Store, call (573)884-2159. Suspending a lost card will prevent unauthorized charges to your account.

Card Stops Working

Contact the ID Office immediately.

Student Charge Availability

Student charge options are available to full-time students who are financially enrolled during the current semester.

Break in Attendance at MU

If you were previously enrolled, and received the black TigerCard (even if you left the University for a time), we can reactivate your old ID card, electronically, once you are re-enrolled in myZou.

TigerCard Uses

  • purchase meals and snacks at all Campus Dining locations (E.Z. Charge activation required; see below)
  • purchase snacks and beverages from vending machines (E.Z. Charge activation required; see below)
  • cash checks and charge purchases at The Mizzou Store in Brady Commons, Tiger Den and Team Store
  • enter the MU Recreation Center
  • use the Student Health Center and charge pharmacy purchases
  • purchase concert and athletic tickets at the MSA or Athletics ticket windows
  • charge copying costs at Cornell Hall, at Engineering, Math Sciences and Health Sciences Libraries as well as Digiprint Centers located in the Student Center and at Ellis Library
  • check out materials from all MU libraries
  • pick up paychecks and clock in to campus jobs
  • charge laundry costs at a residence hall laundry facility (Residential Life residents only)
  • purchase ice cream from Buck's Ice Cream Parlor
  • purchase meat from the Mizzou Meat Lab
  • Pro shop purchases, greens fees, and rentals at A.L. Gustin Golf Course
  • purchase materials and take classes at the MSA Craft Studio
  • purchase flowers at Tiger Garden
  • purchase lunch at Café @ Eckles
  • purchases at Cornell Instructional Support Services

Food Services Charges (E.Z. Charge)

Campus Dining Services (CDS) offers the E.Z. Charge program. Apply at any CDS facility by completing the form and handing it to the cashier. CDS will activate E.Z. Charge within a few days. You can find more information at the E.Z. Charge website.

Laundry in Residence Halls

The laundry facilities in the residence halls are only available to residents.