Division of IT: Enterprise Applications

SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is a secure, web-browser-accessible, collaborative system that enables users to create web pages in an organized hierarchy to share information and document collaboration regardless of physical location or time of day.


Departmental Sites: There is a space usage charge of $1.75 per 50 MB per month, with a 50 MB minimum. Consulting is also available at the rate of $61 per hour.

Obtaining Service

This service is only available to departments. Use MyServices to obtain new SharePoint service, modify existing SharePoint service options, or cancel service. Contact your Departmental IT Pro or call (573)882-5000 for more information.

Questions and Answers about SharePoint

How can SharePoint benefit my department?
SharePoint provides a central document repository in place of sharing attachments through email. Since SharePoint is web-based, team collaborators can view or edit documents from anywhere at anytime.
Will SharePoint eliminate countless meetings?
SharePoint offers a method to reduce the number face-to-face meetings. Real-time discussions can take place from anywhere on the Internet. You can even save discussion threads for later review.
Can SharePoint be used for organizing meeting agendas and associated meeting documents?
SharePoint provides a central location for meeting agendas, objectives, tasks and documents accessible to team members. Having a central document repository reduces the numerous email and attachment exchanges between meeting attendees.
What if our group collaborates with off-campus affiliates?
SharePoint uses a temporary Active Directory account to securely extend service to off-campus affiliates.


Please contact your SharePoint site administrator first. If s/he is unable to assist, contact the IT Help Desk at (573)882-5000, and they will escalate the issue to the SharePoint team.

The University of Missouri SharePoint Users Group site contains helpful information and resources. You may also download a Quick Reference Guide