Division of IT: Enterprise Applications

Oracle/PeopleSoft Services


The Enterprise Applications Services section is responsible for developing, maintaining, managing and supporting those computer applications that serve the entire UM enterprise. Most EAS staff resources are devoted to the Oracle/PeopleSoft applications that serve Finance & Administration, Human Resources and Enrollment Management operations throughout UM.

PeopleSoft Versions and Upgrades

UM's PeopleSoft System is divided into three "pillars":

  • Human Capital Management (HCM), which provides functionality to support Human Resources business processes;
  • Financial Management (FM), which provides functionality to support Financial business processes;
  • Campus Solutions (CS), which provides functionality to support Student Administration business processes.

The following table identifies the version of each pillar that is now in production use at UM; and upcoming versions of the pillars with relevant dates concerning release and maintenance availability.

General release End of updates, fixes, security alerts & upgrade scripts End of tax, legal & regulatory updates Extended support ends
UM Production
PS HCM v9.1 9/2009 9/2014 9/2015 9/2017
PS FM v9.0 9/2006 9/2011 9/2012 9/2014
PS CS v9.0 12/2004 12/2009 12/2010 12/2012
Future versions
PS FM v9.1 11/2009 11/2014 11/2015 11/2017

Notes for this table:

  1. We can purchase extended maintenance for a release to cover the period between the end of updates and the time when we upgrade to a new version. In general it is the policy of EAS and DoIT that we will keep all parts of PeopleSoft under maintenance at all times.
  2. This table does not imply anything about when we will upgrade to a new version for any part of PeopleSoft. The decision to upgrade is made by the executive sponsor(s) for the relevant pillar. Questions about upgrade plans for any pillar should be directed to the relevant executive sponsor and/or functional lead:
    1. For PS FM the executive sponsor is Nikki Krawitz and the functional leads are Donna Johanning, Ann Chen and Adria Allen.
    2. For PS HR the executive sponsor is Betsy Rodriguez and the functional lead is Linda Koch.
    3. For PS CS the executive sponsors are the enrollment managers for each campus; the functional leads are the registrars for each campus.
  3. Oracle has indicated that it will continue to develop PeopleSoft beyond v9.1; current plans are for development of PeopleSoft to continue indefinitely.
  4. Development of Oracle Fusion is in progress. However, there are no plans for Oracle Fusion to include a student administration module, and Fusion Finance and HR lack functionality that is relevant to higher education institutions, such as support for grants. Consequently, Oracle Fusion will not be a factor in UM's ERP planning for at least five years.

PeopleSoft Training

IT Training offers online training tutorials, manuals, and course materials for PeopleSoft and other enterprise applications (Cognos, ImageNow, DocumentDirect, etc.). Online training is available for:

For more information, please refer to the enterprise applications training page.