Division of IT: Email

Email Encryption

Email encryption is a subscription-based service that helps protect sensitive data by encrypting designated messages sent to external recipients. It cannot be used on messages sent from one University email account to another. (Note: student accounts on Office 365 are external and can receive encrypted email.)

Email encryption should only be used for valid University business purposes; when sending email that contains confidential, sensitive or restricted information; and only when other secure methods to transmit such information are not feasible or practical.

Typical uses include sending messages to external recipients that contain protected health/patient information (HIPAA) or protected student information (FERPA).

Availability and Fees

This service is available to faculty and staff email and payable by MoCode. It is not available to departmental resource accounts.

Cost for the service is $5.40/year or $0.45/month for each employee email account subscribed.

Obtaining Service

Departmental IT Pros may make requests to enable/disable encrypted email via MyServices. Note: Email accounts on the UMHS-USERS domain are already enabled for this service.

How to Use

Individual faculty or staff must have their email account enabled for this service. Once enabled, emails may be drafted as normal; attachments may be included, if desired.

  1. Insert the text [secure] in the subject line of the message to be encrypted (brackets must be included). This tells the email system to encrypt the message before it leaves the University.
  2. The recipient receives instructions on how to access your confidential email. These instructions include having the recipient set up a username and password with Cisco.

Email encryption cannot be used between accounts on the same campus.

Additional details on how to use the service can be found in the KnowledgeBase:

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If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your departmental IT Pro or the IT Help Desk at 882-5000.